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Mosquito nets

Published: May 20, 2015

We from Cristalería Juanco would like to offer you our wide range of possibilities for the protection against mosquitos. We will adapt our services to your needs.

Rollable Mosquito net

These are the most comfortable and common models. You can remove them easily in winter and quickly attach them in summer.

Cristalería Juanco offers different types of rollable mosquito nets which can be adapted to the customer`s needs. (Rollable clip, rollable side part and rollable front sides. Can be used day and night.)

The mosquito net consists of fibreglass and PVC in the colour grey. It may as well be pollen proof, consisting then of 100 % polyester. We offer a great variety of colours so that the mosquito net suits your window or balcony.

Enrollable Front side Mosquito net.

Constructions for balconies or doors which can be removed in winter and attached in summer very quickly. Available in two different models - either with one or two laterals.

Frontal rollable Mosquito nets.

These mosquito nets were designed for places where you can’t attach a normal vertical mosquito net (closure is on the level of the façade, when there is no hole or no window shutter, areas with obstacles, uneven or damaged surfaces, etc…). The closure is frontal so you can attach it on the inner side or in places with access to the outdoors (on the ground floor, rooms, balconies, courtyards, etc…)


Rollable Mosquito net – for Day and Night.

It consists of two rolls with different materials, one is the mosquito net, the other one is the one which also serves as a blind, so you can choose how much light comes into the room or you can just use it for decoration purposes. 

Sliding mosquito net

The sliding mosquito nets were designed for windows, window shutters or sliding closures. It facilitates the opening of the window. You can just slide the net where you need it without the casements disturbing.

Permanent mosquito nets.

The permanent mosquito nets are made of aluminium. It is a simple technique with the goal of covering all openings in windows, The net is pinched in the window thus avoiding that insects come inside.

Mosquito net door.

These are the most suitable for balconies, terraces or for higher windows. Through its traditional and simple system of either pulling or pushing with a know, it can be attached everywhere. The mosquito net door is available with or without frame which can be adjusted to the door.

Pleated Mosquito net.

The pleated mosquito net are ideal for balonies and terraces and can easily be slid sideways.

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