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Products Bandalux

Published: Dec. 15, 2014

Indoor rolling shutter.

The rolling shutter is the combination of minimalism and functionality. A new generation of curtains, with a forefront character, adaptable to any space.

Its mechanical rolling up system is perfectly integrated into the window, in view of the fall of the tissue. A decorative finish combined with the wide range of decorative and technical fabrics.

Outdoor rolling shutter.

Bandalux offers resistant rolling shutters, that are technically designed for the exterior, able to withstand the weather and adapt to all types of facades and architectural structures placement.

The Premium Plus and Atos systems supported by intermediate profiles, reliabilty and quality are guaranteed.

Vertical blinds.

The vertical blind is the latest trend, clear lines and functionality for the most elegant curtains.

The system of fins allows light to enter through all the time, that provides a perfect visual comfort, combined with a variety of technical and decorative fabrics of Bandalux. Vertical blinds are a very attractive solution

Japenese panels

The Japanese panel is the revolution of curtains, the perfect system for covering glass surfaces, therefore it's perfect for separating rooms to create a multivalent living room.

Bandalux offers a wide range of fabrics and colours, that can be combined in one curtain, as well as textiles in different colours, textures and patterns. 

Wooden Venetian.

The Venetian blinds are characterized by a slat orientated mechanism, it is simple and manageable. The system allows filtering the sunlight and simultaneously preserving the external view. 

Bandalux provides a complete range of wooden slats of lime, Abachi wood and cedar with a natural or dyed finsh that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Aluminum Venetian.

Versatile and suitable system of venetian blinds, that is simple, modern and adaptable to any style. The three measures of slats (50, 25 and 15 mm) allow regulating the entry of light and creating different effects.

Aluminum Venetian is available in more than 150 colours of slats with different finishes (matt, gloss, pearlescent, textured, etc.). They can be perfectly coordinated with other components and drives.

Cortina Buhardilla.

The attic curtains are espacially designed for windows with difficult access and inclinations and places that are different form the usual locations.

They can be manufactured with multiple decorative and technical fabrics (darkening, fireproof, waterproof, pearlescent) and as well with a wide variety of colours and finishes.

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